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2023-24 Club Ice Rates

Walk-on Rates: current US Figure Skating membership required *

Package Dates:

Ice Package Criteria & Rates

Ice Package Criteria

- Minimum of 60% down at start of package, the remaining 40% will be invoiced at 4 weeks, due by week 5 for the remainder of the package.
- Must select the anticipated number of hours at the start of the package.
- Any sessions skated over the initial number of sessions indicated will be billed at the same per- hour

rate as initial sessions selected .
- Invoices for overages will occur at the middle and the end of the package

- Unused sessions at the end of the package period are not transferable or eligible for refunds.
- Previous package must be paid to be eligible to purchase a new package.
- Package holders will be able to skate sessions of 60 min. with 30 min. increments beyond that. 
- Family packages may be purchased for skaters for families with 2 or more skaters. There will be a minimum of 10 sessions per skater required for all family packages.

Ice Package Rates: Club Members & Associate Members Only!

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